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Full text of "A sketch of the county of Halton, Canada West [microform]"

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WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

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Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes / Notes techniques ct bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best original 
copy available for filming. Features of this copy which 
rray be bibliographically unique, which may alter any 
of the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming, are 
checked below. 


Coloured covors/ 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagee 

□ Covers restored and/or laminatsd/ 
Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculee 

□ Cover titie missing/ 
Le titre de couverture manque 

□ Coloured maps/ 



tes geographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

Coloured plates and/or illust'ations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 
La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge interieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have 
been omitted from filming/ 
M se peut que certaines pages blanches ajout^s 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela etait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas ete f itmees. 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplsire qu'il 
lui a eti possible de se procurer. Les details de cet 
exemplaire qui sont peut «tre uniques du point de vue 
bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier une image 
reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une modification 
dans la methode normale tie f ilmage sont indiques 

□ Coloured pages/ 
Pages de couleur 

□ Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagees 

□ Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaurees et/ou pellicul^es 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages decolorees, tachetees ou piquees 

□ Pages detached/ 
Pages detachees 


Quality of print varies/ 
Qualite inegale de !'impression 

□ Continuous pagination/ 
Pagination continue 

□ Includes index(es)/ 
Comprend un (des) index 

Title on header taken from:/ 
Le titre de I'en-t^te provient; 

□ Title page of issue/ 
Page de titre de la livraison 

□ Caption of issue/ 
Titre de depart de la 





Generique (periodiques) de la livraison 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires supplementaires; 

This Item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est filme au taux de reduction indique ci-dessous. 

^OX 14X ,gj^ 


26 X 









de vue 


The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

IMational Library of Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping vyith the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are fiimed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are fiimed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -*► (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
baginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grdce d la 
g6n6rosit6 de: 

Sibliothdque nationale du Canada 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soil,, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la netiet^ de l'exemplaire fi!m6. et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
pa:iier est imprimde sont filmds en commenpant 
par le premier plat et (in terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration. soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les '-utres exemplaires 
origmaux sont filmds en commenpant par la 
premidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivarts apparaitra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols —♦- signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbols V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtre 
filmds d des taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clich6. il est filmd d partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche d droite 
et do haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n^cessaire. Les diagrammos suivants 
illustrent la mdthode. 









<"' 4' 


0» TBI 








Comnon School Teaeber. 

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T»l>1rKvm'n'Tk k an nrnvi « ^ a *^<m 




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The County of Halton is bounded on the North by the 
County of Wellington, on the East of the County of Peel, 
on the South by Lake Ontario, and on the West by the 
County of Wentworth and the Township of Puslinch, in 
the County of Waterloo. It contains 229,556 acres, and 
in 1881, its assessed value was $6,702,993, with a popu- 
Intion of about 22,794. County Town—Milton, the asses- 
sed value of which in 1861 was $150,000, with a popr'-*- 
tion of about 1,000. Halton has four Townships, wi. i 
are as follows : — Trafalgar, Nelson, Esquesing and Nasi. 


Trafalgar contains about 68,613 acres, and is bounded 
on the North by the Township of Esquesing, on the East 
by the Township of Toronto, in the County of Peol, on the 
South by Lake Ontario, and on the West by the Township 
of Nelson. 


Trafalgar has a road passing through it called the 
Dundas Street, which runs nearly a west course from the 
Township of Toronto to Nelson. The concessions, in the 
old survey, are numbered North and South from 
Dundas Street, and the Lots number from East to West. 

In the new survey, the concessions number from West 
to East, and the lots are numbered from South to North. 

Trafalgar has five concessions and a broken front in the 
old survey ; two of which are North, and three and the 
broken front South, of the street ; there are also eleven 
concessions m the new survey. 

It has 716 lots, but many of them are very small, con- 
taining only a few acres. ^ The 1st concession South of the 
street has 66 lots ; 2nd, 79 j 3rd, 74 ; and the broken con- 
cession, 36. 

The 1st and 2nd concsssions North of the street has each 
72 lots. 

The Ist concession in the new survey contains 30 lots : 
2nd, 33 ; 3rd, 30 ; 4th, 25 ; 5th, 28 ; 6th, 29 ; 7th, 29 ; 8th 
34 ; 9th, 32 ; 10th, 32 ; and the 11th, only 15. 

The following is a list of the lots, m each concession, 
with the names of the owners or occupants, as far as can 
be ascertained : 

First Concession South of Dundas Street, — Number 
1 Napoleon Henroid and George Munn ; 2 Henry Taylor 
and William Clark ; 3 Edgar Carpenter and Samuel Hall j 
4 Abraham and Nathan Bentley ; 5 George Taylor, Cyrus 
Lawrence, John Hanley and Betsy Thomas ; 6 Henry 
McGowan and Thompson Smith ; 7 Henry Albertson, John 
Albertson and Mr. Skelley; 8 John F. Orr and Adam 
Phenix ; 6 John Culhara and Patarick Hiland ; 10 James 
MuUholand and John Gilby ; 11 John Williamson and 


it called the 
)ur8e from the 
issions, in the 
South from 
ist to West. 

er from West 
th to North. 

jn front in the 
three and the 
e also eleven 

y small, con- 
n South of the 
e broken con- 

treet has each 

itains 30 lots : 

; 7th, 29 ; 8th 


h concession, 

, as far as can 

ee^— Number 
Henry Taylor 
Samuel Hall j 
Taylor, Cyrus 
nas; 6 Henry 
ibertson, John 
rr and Adam 
nd ; 10 James 
iliiamson and 

Mark Comes; 12 John McLean and J. L. Bicr<rer • 13 
Albert Post ; 14 Daniel P. Crosby and H. Han.mhT; 15 K 
H. Munn and Thomas McDonald ; 16 H. J. Close, Samuel 
Kenney and H. Hannahs ; 17 Hiram and Jarvy Mulhol- 
land ; 18 William Charles and Robert Bigger; 19 William 
Y, Pettit ; 20 Jonathan Pettit ; 21 Philip Trilier ; 22 Levi 
Smith ; Samuel Bowman, Esq., and Thomas Caverhill ; 
24 William B. Howell ; 25 John Pellow, Samuel Shel- 
drake, C. C. Gibson and John Street ; 26 Edward Dearing, 
John Street and George A. Street; 27 Philip Buck; 28 
George Buck and H. Sutton j 29 William Moore and 
Thomas Page; 30 William Tetzell and H. Harwood; 31 
John H. Smith and Caleb Smith ; 32 John E. Inglehart, 
John Inglehart, H. Inglehart and Peter J. Inglehart ; 33 
Francia Wilkinson, John Inglehart, Peter J. Inglehart and 
H. Inglehart ; 34 John D. Smith and Francis Sanderson : 
35 Alexander Aikman and Matthew Richardson. 

Second Concession South oj Dundas Street,— Namher 
1 Ferris Lawrence, D. Grennis and Erastus D. Hill ; 2 
Richard and John Wilson and Edward Cornwell ; 3 SamuS 
Shain and Edward Jeffre ; 4 Edwaid Cornwel' ^nd 
Joseph Clark; 6 Jacob Gable, Samuel Hall and W. S. 
Albertson ; 6 George Tindill, Charles Hardy and Solomon 
Savage; 7 George Lewis; 8 Charles Freeman, William 
Coot and Charles Coot; 9 Charle McDuffe and Edmond 
W. Odell ; 10 Robert Hanham and Roderick McNeil ; 11 
Robert Freman and James Robertson ; 12 J. Mulholllnd, 
R. Scott, A. C. Veruer and others ; 13 Joseph and Chris- 
topher Hall and Cirus W. Anderson ; 14 Mrs. M. Hemphill, 
John Ion, G. K.Chisholm and William Button ; 15 Charles 
Culham, John Culham and Hiram McCraney ; 16 Charles 
Culham, John Culham and W. M. King ; 17 Charles 
Culham, John Culham and Hiram McCranev : 

» ▼■ K J 1 f Ct 


L ' 


Covantiy, Hiram McCraney and John McKay ; 19 James 
Carter, Benjamin, Thomas and John McKay; 20 
Joseph Delahaye and William and Daniel McCraney ; 21 
Daniel McKay and William McKay ; 22 George Polley, 
William and Thomas Wright and Henry Peters ; 23 John 
Willson ; 24 Charles C. Gibson and George Kennedy ; 25 
Abraham Secord and Ezra Bray ; 26 S. Bowman, J. P., and 
Charles and Henry Hilton ; 27 William Langtry and Mrs. 
Langtry ; 28 Erastus Dorland, William Utter and Thomas 
Giles j 29 George Langtry and William Peacock ; 30 James 
White; 31 William C. Inglehart and James White ; 32 
William C. Inglehart, Jacob Carry, and James White ; 33 
Alexander Robinson and Ralph Breckon ; 34 Alexander 
Robinson, Sylvester Teeple, John Lucas and John Ezard 5 
35 Ralph Breckon, Sylvester Teeple and John Lucas. 

Tliird Concession South of Dundas Street, — Number 

1 Francis Petch, George Lawrence and J. C. Champion ; 

2 John Alto- ; 3 Ransom Leach, William Wood and C, 
I^ach; 4 T^ ^ijamin Griggs, John Rutlege and Robert 
Piercu ; 5 Samuel Harris and Alfred Kitch ; 6 Barnet 
Griggs; 7 George Lewis, Jo^;n Lang, John Tilton and 
Joseph Trampleasure ; 8 Richard Coats and John Coole ; 
9 Owen Murphy, James Roddy, W. Willoughby and 
Edward Quinton ; 10 Robert McNeil, James Roddy, Henry 
Gulledge, John Jeffre, W. IMoon, Richard Hopgood and J. 
Beardsley ; 11 John Foreman and William Wass ; 12 J. B. 
Anderson ; 13 John A. Chisholm and part of Oakville ; 14 
Robert K. Chisholm, George K. Chisholm, Esq., and part 
of Oakville; 15 and 16 George K. Chisholm and J. Terry; 

17 Hiram McCraney, Thomas Osburn and Mr. Thomas ; 

18 David Lebar, Andrew Lebar and Andrew Lebar, junr. ; 

19 David Lebar, James Carter, George Washington and 
.John F, Howell, Esq. ; 20 William and Daniel McCraney 

'; 19 James 
[cKay ; 20 
iCraney ; 21 
orge Polley, 
rs ; 23 John 
Kennedy ; 25 
n, J. P., and 
try and Mrs. 
and Thomas 
k ; 30 James 
i White ; 32 
s White ; 33 
1 Alexander 
John Ezard > 
1 Lucas. 

it, — Number 
Champion ; 
Vood and C. 
and Robert 
h ; 6 Barnet 
I Tihon and 
John Coole ; 
loughby and 
oddy, Henry 
jgood and J. 
ass; 12 J. B. 
Oakville; 14 
<q., and part 
,nd J. Terry ; 
Ir. Thomas ; 
Lobar, junr. ; 
shington and 
■A McCraney 


undM. S. and J. V/. McCraney; J2l Collins Smith; 22 
Robert Smith and Joseph Hemmmgway ; 23 Henry Peters 
and John C. Smith ; 24 George Powell ; 25 Peter Fisher 
and John Belyea ; 26 George Husband, William Johnston 
and Jacob Davidson ; 27 Archibald Speers and Peter Dor- 
land ; 28 J. Hibblethwaite, H. D. WilHams and Warren 
Wallos ; 29 E. Fryers, W. G. Peacock and W. N. Belyea 
and Co. ; 30 William and John Riggs and others ; 31 
James White; 32 John Howcutte and Joseph Hixon ; 33 
Joseph Hixon ; 34 E. Tindale, John Easton and George 
Ward ; 35 Robert Lucas. 

'Broken Fronf,— Number 1 J. C. Champion; 2 William 
Baker; 3 William Wood ; 4 Charles Leach, John Rutlege 
and Robert Pierce ; 5 Mrs. Birge and John Haws ; 6 B. 
Griggs; 7 W. Leach and J. Spencer; 8 0. A. Coata; 9 
R. Hopgood; 10 J. J, Beardsley ; 11 W. Preston, J Cal- 
lum, J. Nesbet and D. Paterson, 12, 13, 14, and 15, are 
occupied by a part of Oakville ; 16 J, Terry and part of 
Oakville ; 17 Chisholm King and Parsonage ; 18 William 
Carson, John Kenney and Joseph Kenney ; 19 Toseph, 
John and Ezra Kenney ; 20 Wellington Belyea ; 21 Isaac 
Carter ; 22 Thomas Hinion ; 23 Robert Smith ; 24 Stewart 
English; 25 William '..:bel ; 26 Mahlon Bray, 27 and 
28 Mah'on Bray and pa»t of Bronte : 29 and 31 are occu- 
pied by a part of Bronte ; 32 part of Bronte and Charles 
Sovereign ; 33 Henry Emroy; 34 William N. Sovereign ; 
35 William N. Sovereign and Samuel Curtis. 

First Concession North of Dundas Street,— Number 
1 Samuel Marlatt and George Marlatt ; 2 George Marlatt, 
H. McMurray and James and Samuel Conover ; 3 G. W. 
Albertson, James House and Arthur Conover; 4 G. W. 
Albertson, L. Johnson, James House and Godfrey Bentlev : 


6 Henry Shain, C. R. Shain and William Robertson 5 6 
Edmond H. Mills, John McLean and Joseph Oir ; 7 Josiah 
Snider and William Ellis ; 8 Andrew Lindsay and Joseph 
Orr ; 9 H. Albertson and Hugh Coyne ; 10 W. S. Bow- 
beer, Hartford Pickering and Eliza Fish ; 11 George Mar- 
latt and George Rian ; 12 Matthew Clement and Ephraim 
Post; J 3 Joseph Kearns and Honjamin Thompson; 14 
Daniel MoDufFo and James W. Thompson ; 15 Richard 
Hallaran and Jordon Munn ; 16 Isaac Freeman ; 17 Benja- 
min Tuck, James Appleby and William and John Kaitting; 
18 Benjamin Tuck and William and John Kaitting; 19 
Benjamin Tuck, junr., and Mrs. Bigger; 20 Jamen L. 
Freeman; 21 John T. Howell; 22 John T. Howell and 
John Proudfoot ; 23 John Proudfoot and David Finlayson ; 
24 Henry Alder, John Proudfoot and Robert T. and Charles 
G. Parks ; 25 John Buck, Esq. ; 26 Richard Vyse ; 27 
William J. Scott and John W. Smith ; 28 Jacob Terryberry 
and George Buck ; 29 John Marshall and Henry Patten ; 
30 John R. Hart, George Hager, H. M. Switzer and Wm.' 
Hager ; 31 William Hager ; 32 Lawrence Hager, junior, 
and Robert Book ; 33 Francis Wilki.ison ; 34 David Mc- 
Michael: 35 Adam Bowman, William Book and Jacob 

Second Concession North o/Dundas Street.—Nmnher 
1 John King; 2 John McKinnon, John Joseph and James 
Andrews ; 3 M. Stevenson and Edwin Smith ; 4 George 
William, G. W. and William Albertson ; 5 Mary Ohara, 
Charles Connor and William Albertson; 6 Mary Ohara^ 
David Snider, David Snider, junr. and Fredric Snider; 7 
Paul Huffman and Patrick Tobin; 8 John Gould and 
Godfrey Huffman ; 9 John Gillelan and William Secord ; 
10 James B. Kingston, Edward Fish and Dr. Chamber- 
lain ; 11 J. Featherston, Peter Kenney and George Mar- 



lobertson; 6 
1 r ; 7 Josiah 

antl Joseph 
^V. S. Bow- 
Beorge Mar- 
iid Ephraitn 
ompson ; 14 
15 Richard 
; 17 Benja- 
hn Kaitting; 
Caitting ; 19 

Jamen L. 
Howell and 

Fin lay son ; 
and Charles 
i Vyse ; 27 
' Terryberry 
nry Patton; 
»r and Wm. 
iger, junior, 
David Mc- 

and Jacob 

f, — Number 
and James 
; 4 George 
lary Ohara, 
lary Ohara> 
c Snider ; 7 
Gould and 
am Secord ; 
. Chamber- 
iOTge Mar- 

latt; 12 William Kenney and PeUn Kenney; 13 Alex- 
ander Coyne and John Jones; 14 Alexander Coyne and 
Daniel McDufTe ; 16 Michael L. Bigger; 16 Nathan 
Robins and Anson Q. Coinwell ; 17 James Reid and J 
Feathor.ton ; 18 J. Farley, VV.Iiani Bell, J. Reid, William 
Dowler and J. Realty; 19 John Reid, Jo!m and W- 
Halhuay ; 20 John Reid, John Askin and F. Campbell . 
21 William Gibson, Joseph Gibson, George Halliday! 
Samuel Clements and Irvin Gilbreath ; 22 William Brown- 
ridge, George Hahday and William Hamilton; 23 James 
Harrw and John Jones ; 24 Robert Fox, William Davidson 
and John Slacer ; 25 Robert Fox ai.d William Rorke : 2« 
John Beatty, Daniel Row, John Roddy, William Clark 
and Thoma« Woldman ; 27 L. P. Burtch ; 28 Robert 
bheridan and Thomas Dobson ; 29 James Bigger and 
Thomas Dobson ; 30 (ieorge Harrison and James Camp- 
bell ; 31 Addison Hager, William Carrique and Henry 
Carnque; 32 Lewis Dennis and Lawrance Haaer, junr- 
33 John Marghall and Sarah Harrison ; ?i Be- jamin Stal- 
wood ; 35 Peter Campbell and William Dorland. 

First Concession New Survey,— Number 1 Thomas 
Burnside, Mary Langrell and Matthew WiUson ; 2 John 
Marshall, Thomas Wilson, Matthew Wilson and Robert 
Wilson; 3 Amos Dorland and Mark Tusker; 4 Robert H 

'I wMr*^"'!? ^'°'^"' ^ ^"^'■^^^ Suiter, James Weir 
and Wilham Wright ; 7 James Sherwood ; 8 John Trotter, 
John Bowes and Jolm Stout ; 9 Richard Harrison and 
William Wright ; 10 Richard Fallis ; 11 James Coats and 
James Harrison ; 12 T. Coats and William Harrisor ; 13 
Alexander Hogg and Johnson Harrison ; 14 James Rixon 

Tl y^i "' ^'°" ' ^^ ^™'"''^ Gumming, and James and 
Robert Ruxlon. 

Second Concesainn. T^pii} .Vi/wn,. tvt„— • - » t^ ^ 

.. -T — ...,,, ^^j — i>uiiiuur I liooerr 



Willsoii ami VVilliarn M. Elliott; 2 Mark Tusker and 
John Jarvis, Esq. ; 3 George Ford and Josiah W. Bowes ; 
4 Levi Willson, Esq. ; 5 Henry Macartney and Jolin 
Bowes; 6 Samuel Pettigrew and William Fettigrew; 7 
Henry Freeland, Nicholas Forbes and Robert Farlow ; 8 
Heniy Freeland, Robert Farlow, William Buchanan and 
others ; 9 Austin Willmott and Absnlom Dickson ; 10 
William Willmott and Robert Willmott; 11 Robert 
Thompson nnd Thomas Bowes; 12 William Harrison 
and Featherston Colling; 13 Hugh Foster and part of 
the Town of Milton ; 14 part of Milton, J. Martin, Joseph 
Martin and John Martin ; 15 William Dempsey. 

Third Concession, New Survey, — Number 1 William 
Biggar, Charles Biggar and John Biggar ; 2 John Jarvis, 
Esq.; 3 Thomas Evans; 4 Eli B. Smith and George 
Sheridan ; 6 Thomas Crozier and James Johnston ; 6 
William English, George English, Mrs. Moore and Mr. 
Hatton ; 7 Joseph W. Bowes ; 8 M. Langrell, Andrew 
Robertson, Anthony Robertson, John Hunter and James 
Hunter ; 9 Thomas Boak and William Kennedy ; 10 
George Bowsfield, R. Willmott and William Williams ; 11 
Samuel Fleming and James Moore ; 12 Dennis Nunnan 
and Edward Kelley; 13 Alexander Brown and Andrew 
Orr ; 14 John Sproat ; 15 William Chisholm. 

Fourth Concession, New Survey,— Nvixa)aev 1 Edward 
McCan, William Dowler and Thomas Erwin ; 2 Charles 
Porter ; 3 Robert Wales and John Wales ; 4 James John- 
son and Thomas Brownridge ; 5 John Johnston, Jane 
Robinson, Matthew B. Fanghner, Robert Elliott and Ed- 
ward McCan, junr. ; 6 John Bigger ; 7 Benjamin Wall- 
brook and Andrew Ford ; 8 Robert Wallbrook and J. and 
W. C. Beatty ; 9 Richard L. Bigger and Robert H. Bigger ; 
10 Robert Ferguson, David May and William McCartney; 


Tusker and 
W. Bowes ; 
y and Jolin 
'ettigrew; 7 
t Fallow ; 8 
Lchanau and 
lickson ; 10 
11 Robert 
m Harrison 
and part of 
irtin, Joseph 

r 1 William 
John Jarvis, 
and George 
Johnston ; 6 
ore and Mr. 
ell, Andrew 
' and James 
ennedy ; 10 
Williams ; 11 
mis Nunnan 
and Andrew 

jr 1 Edward 
; 2 Charles 
James John- 
inston, Jane 
iott and Ed- 
jam in Wall- 
: and J. and 
rt H. Bigger ; 
McCartney ; 


11 William Caldwell ; 12 John Little and David Mc- 
Cartney ; 13 John Clements and Andrew Orr ; 14 John 
Dixon ; 15 Thomas Simpson, William Reid and Jeremiah 

Fifth Concession, New Survey,— Nxxmhev 1 Andrew 
Robertson, Benjamin Johnson and Thomas Johnson ; 2 
John Evans, John Brownridge and John Dickson ; 3 John 
Evans and John Dickson ; 4 Irvin Davlin and William 
Beatty ; 5 William McLean, Andrew McLean and James 
Ford ; 6 Henry Robinson and William Robinson, jun. ; 7 
J. & W, C. Beatty and Stew Beatty ; 8 William Beatty 
and J. & W. C. Beatty ; 9 Arthur Beatty and Robert Beatty ; 
10 John C. Robinson; 11 Allan McDougall and John 
McKinney; 12 Thomas Patterson; 13 John Sorey; 14 
Wilham Cunningham and Joseph Cunningham; 15 
Robert Forest and William Forest. 

Sixth Concession, New Survey, —Nnxchex 1 Thomas 
Reid, W. R. Raines and John Ford ; 2 John Ford and 
George Ford ; 3 Thomas Fox, Anthony Fox and James 
Fox ; 4 John Ford, James Ford and Hamilton Ford ; 5 
James C. Earl and Robert Leslie ; 6 Robert Bigger and 
Samuel D. Kennedy ; 7 William Robinson and James 
Downs ; 8 Francis Reid and William Dent ; 9 William 
Maddon and Thomas T. Dent; 10 Benjamin Tuck; 11 
David HaU and Richard Hemstreet; 12 Edward Arm- 
strong and John Campbell ; 13 John Anderson and Rich- 
ard Bloomfield ; 14 Edward Rutledge and James Cun- 
ningham ; 15 John Jackson and George McLean. 

Seventh Concession, New Survejj,—Nnmher 1 Edward 
Coyne, A. Coyne and George Coyne ; 2 Heirs of the late 
__Y„ ...-i...,-; vj.^wigc ^u>nu iiiiu J. Feaiiiersiou; a Wil- 
liam Robinson and William Downs; 4 Hamilton and 


James Ford and Samuel Anderson; 5 Mr. Mans and 
James Coote ; 6 William Mane and William Tolson ; 7 
John Featherston and Daniel Howes; 8 Robert Howes* 
John S. Kenney and William Howes; 9 William Cun- 
ningham and John Featherston ; 10 Allan McDougall and 
Robert Dick; 11 Matthew Donoughoo and James Mont- 
gomery ; 12 Matthew Donoughoo ; 13 Alexander Robert- 
son; 14 William Irvin and Jacob Dolmage; 15 William 
Barr and Charles Noakes. 

Eighth Concessionf New SuraeV) — Number 1 James 
Gibson and James Williamson ; 2 George Coyne and 
James Williamson ; 3 Joseph Hall, Christopher Hall and 
James Williamson ; 4 Christopher Hall and James H. 
Sterenson ; 5 William Bell, Thomas Pell and William 
Elliott ; 6 William Hood and John Kentner ; 7 Emmerson 
Featherston and Peter McConvil ; 8 Jonathan Howes ; 
Peter McConvil and William McCarten; 9 William 
Mason, Edward McCarten and William McCarten; 10 
William Leslie and Albert Hall ; 11 Archibald Mc Curdy 
and William Thirston ; 12 James Montgomery and Peter 
Holangreen ; 13 James Reid ; 14 Robert Rusk, John Rusk 
and James Lindsay ; 15 James Lindsay and Thomas Mc- 

Ninth Concession. New Survey, — Number 1 James 
Williamson and Mary O'Hara ; 2 James Williamson and 
Samuel Rodgers ; 3 Joseph Rodgers and John Beatty ; 4 
William J. White, Henry McCloskia and Francis Cum- 
mings ; 5 James H. Stephenson, William Hammon, 
Francis Cummings an! John Treanor ; 6 William Elliott 
and William Nunan ; 7 John Kentner and Alexander Orr ; 
8 William Elliott, Edward Coyne and Thomas Robson ; 9 

Curdy; 11 Isaac Askin; 13 Henry Anderson and Adam 

Mans and 
Tolson ; 7 
irt Howes* 
Ham Cun- 
ougall and 
ties Mont- 
ler Robert- 
15 William 

' 1 James 
Zoyne and 
■ Hall and 
James H. 
d William 
m Howes; 
9 William 
IJarten ; 10 
1 Mc Curdy 
and Peter 
John Rusk 
lomas Mc- 

r 1 James 
amson and 

Beatty ; 4 
ncis Cum- 

liam Elliott 
"cander Orr ; 
Robson ; 9 

and Adam 


Anderson ; 13 James Bussel ; 14 Richard Cowan, Esquire, 
and Mrs. Ann Buck; 15 John Cowin, William Cowin and 
Richard Shand. 

Tenth Conee88ton,Neio Survep^-^Nnmhev 1 Murdock 

McLeod and John McKinnon; 2 William Sparling; 3 

Rose Kara and Michael Connor; 4 Solomon and John 

Cordingly; 5 Owen McCarren; 6 William McCarren, 

John Cavell William Nunan and James FuUerton; 7 

Charles Cordingly and Joseph Orr ; 8 Hartley Connor and 

Solomon Cordingly ; 9 Hartley Connor, David Cordingly 

and Asa Kindree ; 10 John Cordingly and George May ; 

11 John Mason and Tabias Mason; 12 William G Ken 

nedy and Tobias Mason ; 13 William G. Kennedy and 

John Bussel ; 14 John Mason and Francis Hustler • 15 

John May and Samuel Mason. ' 

Eleventh Concession, New ««nJey,-NQmber 1 Joseph 
Paterson ; 2 William Dolmage ; 3 Jacob McCrackon -4 
John Sterlmg; 5 William Robinson; 6 John "Miller • 7 
Robert Miller ; 8 John Halladay ; 9 Alexander Price • 'lO 
Amos Kindree ; 11 William Warnock ; 12 Joseph Cowin • 
13 Amos Kindree; 14Jeremiah Hustler; 16 Joseph Switzer' 

Trafalgar is divided into five wards as follows -—The 
first ward includes the first five Concessions, in the new 
survey and the second Ward includes the remainder f 
the new survey. ^^ 

The third Ward is in the old survey, and extends from 
♦he Town Line, between Trafalgar and Toronto, West to the 
line of separation, between lots 13 and 14. 

The fourth Ward extends from the West boundary of 
the third Ward, West to the road between lots 25 and 26 
and the fifth Ward extends from said road. West to the 
Town Line between this TownsWp and Nelson. 

Towns and Villages in Trafalgar .-—Milton, Oak villa 



Bronte, Palermo, rostviUe, Lower Hornby and Omagh. 

Total number, 7. „ . -i 

Post Offices .'—Milton, Oakville, Bronte, Postv.ile on 
Dundas Street, on lots 12 and 13 ; Drumquin in 8th con- 
cession, on lot 5; Palermo on Dundas Street, on lots 30 
and 31, and Omagh in the 5th concession, on lots 5 and 6. 

Total number, 7. . r^ i c. ♦ 

Grist Milts ;— 3rd concession South of Dundas btreet, 
one on lot 14, (near Oakville ;) one at Bronte ; one on lot 
22 in the Ist concession North of Dundas Street, and one 
at Milton. Total number, 4. 

Steam S&w M.lls .--One on lot 12, in the Ist concession 
South of Dundas Street ; one on lot 18, in the Ist conces- 
sion North, of Dundas Street. Total number, 2. 

IVoUr Saw Mills:— One on lot 3, one on lot 22 and 
two on lot 31 in the 3rd concession South of Dundas Street ; 
two on lot 5, one on lot 17, one on lot 18 and one on lot 31 
in the 2nd concession South of Dundas Street ; one on lot 
22 and one on lot 25 in the let concession North of Dundas 
St. • one on lot 21, in the second concession North of Dun- 
das Street. New Survey, first concession; one on lot 15 and 
one on lot 6 in the third concession. Total number of 
water saw mills, 14 ; total number of all kinds, 16. 

Foundries :— One at Milton, one at Oakville and one 
at Palermo. Total, 3. 

Woolen Factories .-—One at Milton. 

Breweries .-—One at Oakville. 

Tanneries .-—One at Oakville. 

One Steam Engine and Machine Works, and one Shingle 
Factory in the Town of Oakville. 

Grammar Schools .-—One at Milton, and one at Oak- 

y-jjle. Total, 2. ** 

Common Schools :— One at Milton; one at Oakville ; 

id Omagh. 

'ostvl'ile on 
in 8th con- 
, on lots 30 
[)t8 5 and 6. 

idas Street, 
; one on lot 
set, and one 

t concession 
1st conces- 

I lot 22 and 
ndas Street ; 
>ne on lot 31 
; one on lot 
:h of Dundas 
orth of Dun- 
on lot 15 and 
,1 number of 
s, 16. 
ille and one 

3 one Shingle , 
one at Oak- 

at Oakvilie ; 


one at Bronte, South of Dundas Street ; one on lot 23 in 
the iirst concession ; one ou lot 6, one on lot 20 and one 
on lot 30, in the 2nd concession North of Dundas Street ; 
oiie on lot 5, one on lot 12 at Postville ; one on lot 15 at 
Munns' Cornc:s ; and one on lot 30, near Palermo, in the 
iirst concession ; one on lot 35 in tlie second concession ; 
New Survey : one on lot 6 in the third concession ; one on 
lot 6 in the fourth concession ; one on lot 10 in the sixth 
concession ; one on lot 1. in the seventh concession ; one 
on lot 11 in the ninth concession, and one on lot 5 in the 
eleventh concession. Grand total, 18. 

Railroads .-—The Toronto and Hamilton Railroad runs 
through lots 1, 2 and 3, in the second concession South of 
Dundas Street ; after which it passes into the third con- 
cession, and runs in a westerly direction to Nelson. It 
has two Depots in this Township, one near Oakvilie and 
on 3 near Bronte. 

Streams of Water rising in or running through the 
Township .-—The Sixteen Mile Creek enters Trafalgar at 
lot 15, in the first concession New Survey, and runs in a 
South-easterly direction through the Town of Milton, from 
thence it flows through the Township in the same direc- 
tion, and empties into Lake Ontario at Oakvilie. It has 
six tributaries. The Twelve Mile Creek enters the Town- 
ship at lot 35, in the first concession South of Dundas 
Street, and flows in a South-easterly course through Bronte 
into Lake Ontario. It has only one tributary in Trafalgar. 
There are six smaller streams that flow in the same 
direction, and empty into Lake Ontario. 


N»1«nn <»nntniTia nb""* /tT QJO nnvac «ir..l ;_ 1 1- i 

the North by Nassagaweya, on the East by Trafalgar, on 





the South by Lake Ontario, and on the West by Flaraboro' 
East, in the County of Wentworth. 

This Township has seven concessions in the New Sur- 
vey and five concessions a broken front, and a parcel of 
land known by the name of Brant's Block, in the old Sur- 
vey The concessions in the New Survey are numbered 
from West to East, and the lots number from South to 

In the Old Survey, the concessions number North and 
South from Duiidas Street, and the lots are numbered from 
East to West. 'J'here are three concessions, the broken 
front, and Brant's Block South of the Street, and two con- 
cessions North of it. The probable number of lots m the 

Township is 471. „ ., m i • 

The Broken Front contains 28 lots ; Brant's Block is sup- 
posed to contain 4000 acres, which is divided into 39 lots. 
The third concession South of Dundas Street has 28 lots ; 
the 2tid, 34, and the 1st, 37. The Ist concession North of 
the Street has 34 lots, and the 2nd, 56. The 1st conces- 
sion in the New Survey contains 27 lots ; the 2nd, 30 ; the 
3rd, 33 ; the 4th, 34, the 5th, 30; the 6th, 83; and ihe 

7th, 29. 

The following is a list of the lots m each concession, 
with the names of the owners or occupants, as far as can 
be ascertained : 

First Concession South of Dundas Street y—Nnrnter 
1 George Chalmers, R. Breckon and G. Albertson; 2 
Crook's Estate and G. Albertson; 3 Hamilton O'Reily 
and Neil Johnson ; 4 Thomas Sowerby and others ; 5 Mr. 
Walker ; 6 Charles Harrison> Henry Harrison, John 
Fothergill and George Long; 7 James McKerley ; 8 Wil- 
«- Tr u Ai^,.««H<»«-i^f>V'<>i*l<^v ! 10 David l^onsrer 

and Robert Johnston ; 11 Timothy Cooper ; 12 Gilbert 


New Sur- 
L parcel of 
le old Sur- 
a South to 

North and 
bered from 
the broken 
d two con- 
■ lots in the 

lock is Slip- 
nto39 lots. 
laB 28 lots ; 
on North of 
Ist conces- 
md, 30 ; the 
33 ; and the 

i far as can 

t, — Number 
Llbertson; 2 
ton O'Reily 
hers ; 5 Mr. 
risen, John 
:ley ; 8 Wil- 
)avid Fonger 
; 12 Gilbert 



Bastedo; 13 William McCay and Thomas Headon: 14 
James reland ; 15 Stephen Atkinson and Thoma. Headon; 

I ^ ^mTI i""^^'" ^'^""'''' ^"^ J°««Ph Inland J 17 

and r h !it . l"1 ^'''^^ '^^^^"^ 5 18 Abraham Stmson 
and Richard Mitchel ; 19 and 20 Jackson Featherson ; 21 
. Charles Tuck; 22 Charles Tuck and John Harvey 23 
John Harvey ; 24 John Stuart. ^ 

1 f ;^^^/<^«,^«*«^»» South of Dundas 8treet,^Numhet 

1 Ralph Breckon, John Breckon and Hester Matthewman : 

2 Thomas Atkinson and John Breckon j 3 Neil Johnson, 
Thomas Atkmson and John Atkinson; 4 John Atkinson 
and Thomas Atkinson ; 5 John Fothergill and Thomas 
Atkmson; 6 John Fothergill and William Lucas; 7 John 
Fothergd and Thomas Alton ; 8 Thomas Alton ; 9 Thos. 
Bianchard; 10 Daniel Hall and Robert Haddow; 11 
Daniel Hall ariJ Jacob Cline ; 12 Vickers Peart and Geo.: 
Dales ; 13 Vickers Peart and William Wood ; 14 Vickers 
Peart and John Dynes ; 16 Joseph Ireland and Samuel 
Dynes ; 16 Vickers Peart aud Thomas Peart ; 17 Jacob 
H. Fisher ; 18 Joshua Freeman. 

Third Concession South of Dundas Street, -Numher 
1 John Lucas and George Tindall; 2 James Dynes and 
John F. Stephenson ; 3 Horace and Arthur Van Norman • 
4DanielE Hopkins; 5 Thomas Atkinson and Matthew 
Easton ; 6 David Alton ; 7 William Bomby ; 8 John Cotter 
and James W. Cotter; 9 John McCarter and Dennis 
Devine ; 10 Simeon Cline, William Cline and Dennis 
Devine ; 11 Samuel Alfon and Hiram Walker ; 12 and 13 
Andrew F Pettitt ; 14 Peter Fisher and Henry Inglehart ; 

]. :^f '"^'' ^""^ ^^^^' ^"^'^^^'^ 5 16 Jonathan Ireland 
17 Thomas Baxter and John Crysler; 18 Thomas Baxter. 

Brolcen Front, Numher I and 2,--P. p Triller 
Samuel Curti?, Stafford Marlatt and Joseph Triller; 3 





Stafford Marlatt and JohnT. Campbell ; 4 William Woods 
and Stafford Marlatt ; 5 William Woods, Philip P. Triller 
and William Douglas ; 6 Peter Long and Moses Lindley ; 
7 Moses Lindley and Thos. Perkins ; 8 Thos. Perkins ; 9 
Capt. Owen Roberts ; 10 Hiram Smith; 11 Hiram Smith 
and Samuel Rolls ; 12 John Boothman, John Webb and 
H. Dale ; 13 and 14 Moses Wilkins ; 15 Rev. Dr. Green ; 
16 Capt. Bates and Port Nelson ; 17 John and Alexander 
Malcomson, William Bell and Andrew Chisholm ; 18 John 
and Alexander Malcomson. 

Brant's Block containing 4000 acres, in the South-west 
corneroftne Township, is not surveyed into concessions, 
neither are its lots numbered, therefore I think the better 
way is to give the names of the occupants, of the farms in 
order as their respective lots border on the roads. The 
principal road through the Block runs North from AVel- 
lington Square to Dundas Street. The places and occu- 
pants of the lots on the East side of the road, are :— a por- 
tion of Wellington Square, John Triller, Esq., Nelson Ogg, 
Frederick Bray, Joseph Haming, John Waldie, John 
Hemingway, Joshua Freeman, Joshua Kerns, Josiah Par- 
sons, David Kerns and Mrs. Lord. 

On the West side of the said road, are :— a part of Wel- 
lington Square, M. Denning's Nursery, Saphur Cruao, 
George N. Will, William Chapman, Smith Will, Thoraai 
Graham, Wellington Square Depot, Joseph Freeman, 
David Gant, George Gant, Joseph Freeman, Nicholas 
Glovei and John Hemingway. 

The remainder of the lots in the Block, either border on 
the Town Line, between this Township and Flamboro' 
East, or on roads leading to it. 

Beoinnmff at the South, the names of the occupants of 
the jsaid lots', are— Keer's Estate, Gilbert Davis, William 


and Joseph James, Daniel F. Sovereign, George Ghent 

^^L't^Lr''^ '''"°"' "^^^ '^^^ -^ 

First Concession North of Dundas Street, -Numhet 
1 Solomon Winters and George C. Crooks ; 2 Solomon 
Wmters and Alexander M. Crooks; 3 Archibald Camp- 
bell and James VValdie ; 4 Arcliibald Campbell and George 
M. Nelles; 6 Archibald Campbell and Neil Johnson- 6 
Matthias P. Zimmerman and Henry Harrison ; 7 Henry 
Harrison and James McKerley ; 8 Daniel and David Mc- 
Laren ; 9 Henry Zimmerman and John Randle ; 10 Joseph 
Alton ; II George S. Alton ; 12 Joseph Bimey, senr., and 
Joseph and John Birney ; 13 Thomas Ireland ; 14 Robert 
B. Ireland; 15 Peter McCulloch ; 16 Robert B. Ireland 
and David R. Springer; 17 David R. Springer; 18 Adam 
Sprmger and William Armstrong; 19 PhUip Snyder, Jas. 
M. Crocker and Catharine Stewart ; 20 William Watson, 
and J. Fea xerston ; 21 Lewis Campbell and James Flatt ; 
22 James Little, Charles Tuck and P. T. Pitcher; 2a 
Charles Tuck ; 34 John Stewart 

Second Concession North of Dundas Streety-finmher 
1 Daniel McLeod, Esq., William Zimmerman, Peter Bow- 
man and Adam Bowman ; 2 Eli Teeple and Robert Hus- 
band ; 3 George Cartwright, William Trimble and George 
Gowlden; 4 Johnson Zimmerman and George Gowlden- 
5 ^hnson Zimmerman and Henry P. Zimmerman, Esq. ;' 
t S®?fV * ^'"^'^«"»an, Esq., and James Zimmerman ; 
7 H. P. Zimmerman, Esq,, John McLaren and Neil Camp- 
bell ; 8 John McLaren, Neil Campbell and Caleb Fiewel- 
Img ; 9 Jacob Van Norman, John W. Van Norman and 
Thomas Bennet ; 10 Jacob Van Norman, Robert Husband 
Wiihara Sherwood ; 11 John W. Van Norman, lichen 
Miiier, Samuel Hogg and Samuel Sinclair ; 12 Samuel 

Hogg, Robert Miller and Samuol Sinclair ; 13 James 
Thomas and Peter and Jame., McOovorn, 14 James 
Thomas Thomas Coverdale and William Emerson =16 
Joseph Collm., Willia« Davidson and Edward Thoma ; 

James McG.llu=uddy ; 18 Peter T. Pitcher and Smi"a 
Bawt.nhameri 19 John Gordan and William DahonTM 
Wge Shrerma.. ; 21 James Wilson, George Simpson. T 
brmpson and William Dalton, 22 James Wilson, rbe« 
Sunpson and Thomas Leedham; 23 Oliver Sprfn^eT Jd 
Samuel Case ; 24 Samuel Case and Mr. Bums 

FirU Concession, Ntu, SwMy.-Number 1 Capt. 2ea- 
lond and Jame. Wetheral ; 2 James Stephenson and Ja. 
Magmre; 3 John Prodham and Mrs. Hartnell Beeforth 

John Prodham and Henry Foster; 6 Peter Doran 
«id Thomas Foley; 7 Henry Foster; 8 Kiehard 

p«,ioR^h''T «'""""' '""p'' °^« -> >^ i 

c!Z:^} f,^"** ."""""' "• '^'•««»'«« »<! John 
^hZ ?>' ", ^'"^V" ^'°^" ""'^ K«»»« Campbell; iS 
ThomaaDouglasand Joshua Fowler; 13 Isaac ClugJton 
George Leybourn and George Greenless ; 14 and l/Jl' 

StmniCmcmiw Mm Survey,-mmber 1 Sylvester 
fcgehar. and Peter Inglehart; 2 John Buckley, 3 Wm 
Wilson and Andrew Wilson; 4 Isaac Flannamore ,ud 

aeph« Barbaree and Matthias Canout : 7 Andrew Gage 

^mm^'t "",'■•'""''" ^"""P^y' » Thomas StoaW 
Cumm.nsT,IIe, J«nes Harris and John Harris ; 9 Kilbride 
Thomas Stoakes, Michael Mitten and George Ha^toWe 

cl^'wlutLT r' ""'"T' *'°"'" ■' » ^»hn 
ween, William McCowen and John Dowl^r- lo w.n:.- , 





Molineaux; 13 Henry Gastle and Thomas McClure ; 14 
John White ; 16 James Hadden, William Addison and 
Rolan Caldwell. 

Third Concession, New Survey .-—Number 1 William 
Spence, Esq., and John Thomas ; 2 John Tassie and James 
Tassie ; 3 Joseph Colling and Thomas Colling ; 4 Em- 
merson Colling and Thomas Colling ; SEmmerson Collin^r 
and John Colling; 6 George Foster, John Canout, Gideon 
Buck and Jacob Smith; 7 James Cleaver, P. L. S., John 
Richardson, Senr., Henry Richardson, David Plewis and 
a portion of Louville; 8 Charles Piers, John Richardson, 
Senr., Henry Richardson and John Nesbit; 9 George 
Hardbottle and John Butts; 10 Joh« Agnew, John H. 
Inglehart and William Gilmer; 11 William Harris and 
Smith P. Moose; 12 James Coulson, Thomas Coulson and 
John Coulson ; 18 William Ervin and John Richardson, jun • 
14 Charles Langford ; 15 Thomas Whitley, Richard Ferrier,' 
Alexander Whitley and George Patterson. 

Fourth Concession, New Survej/ .'—Number 1 Jofm 
Early, Thomas Collins and John Bridgman; 2 Mrs. Kinney, 
John Kinney, Sidney Kinney, Thomas Colling and Niqh- 
olas Dent; 3 Joseph Blagdon, Joseph Freeman and 
Nathaniel Lamb, 4 Albert Bradt, Daniel Bradt and 
William Alderson; 5 C. W. Watkins ; 6 Nicholas Dent 
and Thomas Picket ; 7 Joseph Featherston, a part of Low- 
ville, Joseph Coverdale and Cornelius Hunes ; 8 George 
McCayand Donald McGregor; 9 James Cleaver, P. L. 
S. ; 10 Thomas Whitley, Alexander Whitley and George 
Richardson; 11 George Agnew and Peter Deforest; 12 
George Patterson and John Emer on ; 13 Mrs. Coulson, 
Thomas Dales and John Agnew; 14 Estate of late Neil 
Hunter and John Deforest, jun. ; 15 Joseph Ireland and 
lieorge Agnew. 


Fifth Cancestion, New ^Surrey /--Number 1 John 
Bfidgman , 2 Charle<r Harris, Nicholaa Dent, Jacob Ba«- 
'edo and G. C Hineman ; 3 Nathaniel Lamb and William 
Langrell ; 4 John Campbell and Henry Powell ; 6 Henry 
Powell, Dennis Wolverton and John Campbell ; 6 Hugh 
Hunter; 7 John McGregor and Peter Cline, 8 John 
McGregor; 9 William Gastle and James Shields; 10 
George Dice and Matthew Dice ; 11 Matthew Dice and 
Joseph Dice; 12 William Armstrong, Austin Wilmott, 
Samuel McEwan and John Gillispie ; 13 John Agnew and 
John Gillespie ; 14 John Wrong and Charles McDowell ; 
15 John Redfoard and Joseph Davis, Esq. 

Sixth Concession, Hew Survey .-—Number I Francis 

Hambuig, Robert Hamburg and Jacob Winters ; 2 William 

Young and Robert Miller, Esq.; 3 Matthew Mclnnes and 

William Paterson; 4 John Davidson and John Hartley; 

6 Henry Gastle and ALraham Bell; 6 Edgar R. Hunter, 

Peter McGregor, Mrs. Ross and Thomas Ross ; 7 Thomas 

Wilson and William Cartwright ; 8 George Hume : 9 and 

10 Charles A. Baker, Joseph Prentis, Richard Corrigan and 

William Cartwright; 11 Absalom Bell and Andrew Brown- 

ndge ; 12 John Tumbull, James McMaster and John 

Culp; 13 James McMaster, Henry McMaster and William 

McFerren ; 14 Alexander McCau!ey, John H. Shields jind 

Thomas McFerren ; 15 John Henderson. 

Seventh Concession, New Survey :—l^maU^- 1 George 
Cartwright and Daniel IdcLeod, Esq.; ? ?i>,,., niler 
Esq., and John Patton ; 3 Robert King anu Alexander 
Paterson; 4 John Deforest ; 6 JoJm and Mrs. Garbutt, John 
Deforest and James Deforest ; 6 James Tumbull and 
Thomas Tumbull ; 7 Joseph Honeywill, A. Bell and 
:^r- Ford; 8 Arthur Ford and George Ford; 9 James 
A ASirr-tg and George Brownridge ; 10 Absalom Bell and 


r 1 John 
Jacob Bac- 
id William 
; 6 Henry 
; 6 Hugh 

1 8 John 
lieldfl ; 10 
r Dice and 

gnew and 
IcDowell ; 

( Francis 

2 William 
[nnes and 

Hartley j 
. Hunter, 
7 Thomas 
le : 9 and 
rigan and 
w Brown- 
ind John 
1 William 
ields &nd 

1 George 
. "Oiler, 
utt, John 
3ull and 
Sell and 
9 James 
Bell and 

Jacob Newoll; U Alexander Bioia i and John Spro.ilt ; 
12 John Gulp, John Turnbuli and William Joioe ; 13 Hiram' 
Walker, William Walker and Philip Walker ; 14 Robert 
BInckwell and James Rixoii ; 15 Robert Westwood, James 
AlJon and William Green. 

There are five Wards in Nelson, three of which are m 
the Old Survey, and the remaining two are in the New 
Survey. The first Ward includes the whole of the Old 
Survey from the Town Lino, between Trafalgar and this 
Township, West to the dividing line, between lots 9 and 
10. The second Ward comprehends all, between the 
West boundary of the first Ward, West to Brant's Block, 
and to the dividing line between lots 17 and 18. The 
third Ward includes the rest of the Old Survey ; or in other 
'vords, it extends from the West boundary of the second 
Ward, West to the Town Line, between this Township and 
Flamboro' East. The fourth Ward is in the West part of 
the New Survey, and extends from Flamboro' East to the 
road between the third and fourth concessions. The fifth 
or last Ward is in the East part of the New Survey, and 
extends from the E?ist boundary of the fourth Ward, East 
to Trafalgar. 

Grist Mills in Nelson .-—One at Wellington Square ; one 
On lot 3, in the first concession. South of Dundas Street ; 
one on lot 6, and one on lot seven, in the second conces- 
sion. North of Dundas Street ; the lormer is at Zimmerman 
and is known by the name of Zimmerman Mills ; the 
latter is at Deoota, and is known by the name of Decota 
Mills ; one on lot 7, in the third concession, New Survey, 
near Lowville, known as Lowville Mills, and one in the 

second concession, Now Survey, on lot 8, near Cummioa- 
«:n_ -. . - 



iuliiijur. o. 


Steam Saw Mills /—One on lot 8, in the Broken Front ; 
one on lot 21, in the second ccnceesion, North of Dundas 
Street; one on lot 16, in the second concession, New 
Survey, and one on lot 11, in the third concession, New 
Survey. Total, 4. 

Water Saw Mills .-—One on lot 13, in the Broken Front ; 
one on lot 4, in the third concession, south of Dundas 
Street j one on lot 3, in the second concession south of 
Dundas Street; one on lot 7, in the second concession 
North of Dundas Street. 

New Survey '.-^ne on lot 11, in the first concession: 
one on lot 8, and o^e on lot 9, in the second concession, 
nearCumminsvillej one on lot 11 and one on lot 13, in 
the third concession j one on lot 6 and one on lot 8, in the 
fourth concession j one on tot 2, one on lot 4 and one on lot 
7, in the fifth concession. Total number, 14 ; grand total 
of all kinds, 18. 

Woolen Mills .'—One at Cumminsville and one on lot 2, 
in the fifth concession. 

New Survey. Total, 2. 

Foundries /—One at Lowville. 

On lot 6, in the second concession. New Survey, are the 
Canada Gunpowder Works. 

Close by the road, between the third and fourth conces- 
sions, in the New Survey, and on lot 7, are the Iron 
Works. On lot 8, in the fourth concession, is a Chair 

n^/a^-e*/— Wellington Square, Port Nelson, St. Anne, 
on lots 3 and 4, on Dundas Street ; Hannahsville, on lots 
16 and 16, on Dundas Street ; Zimmerman, en lots 5 and 
6, in the second concession, north of Dundas Street ; Cum- 
minsville, on lot 8, in the second concession, New Survey: 
Kilbride is on lot 9, in the same concession, and LowviUe 


18 on lot 7, in the thiiJ anri fnnrth mncessions. loiai 
number, 8. 

Post Offices .'—At each of the above Villages, St. Anne 
excepted, and also at Appleby, on lot 6, in the second 
concession, south of D. S., there is a post office. 

Comimn Schoola .'—One on lot 11, in the Broken Front ; 
one at Wellington Square; one on lot 15, in the third 
concession, south of Dundas Street ; one on lot 5, in the 
second concession, south of Dundas Street ; one on lot 7, 
one on lot 16 and one on lot 21, on the south side of Dun- 
das Street ; one on lot (J, in the second concession, north 
of Dundas Street. New Survey:— one on lot 9, in the 
second concession ; one on lot 5, in the first concession j 
one at Lowville ; one on lot 11, in the fourth concession; 
and one on lot 11, in the sixth concession. Total number, 

Railroads :— The Toronto and Hamilton railroad runs 
west through the third concession, south of Dundas Street, 
and Brant's Block into the County of Wentworth. It has 
but one Depot in this township, which is near Wellington 

Streams of Water rising in or running through the 
Townshij> :— The Twelve Mile Creek runs in a south-east 
course through the township, to the first concession, south 
of Dundas Street, where it enters Trafalgar ; as has been 
described. In its course through this township it receives 
the waters of six tributaries. Th^ two principal branches 
are Brittas Creek and Limestone Cre<!k. There are six 
smaller streams that rise in the Old Survey, and flow 
south to Lake Ontario; making in all thirteen streams*.^ «»I vt tviiiitxtx^ IIUVULIU llUISUIl. 



The Township of Esquesing is bounded on the north by 
Erin, in the county of Wellington, on the east by Chingua- 
couey, in the co. nty of Peel, on the south by Trafalgar, and 
on the west by Nassagaweya. It has eleven concessions, 
each of which contains 32 lots. The concessions in this 
township number from west to east, and the lots are num- 
bered from south to north. Esquesing has 352 lots, and 
about 68,800 acref . 

The following is a list of the lots in each concession, 
with the names (Of the owners or occupants, as far as can 
be ascertained: 

First Concession .'—Number 1 Agnes Robertson ; 2 D. 
Kippin, Robert Hill and J. Hill; 3 William Center, 
Socrates Center and Donald Kippin ; 4 D. Kippin and 
Peter McGregor ; 6 James Grant ; 6 Heirs of Creighton; 7 
J. Dewar and Duncan McCallum ; 8 John Kerr, junior; 9 
James Ruxton and Isaac xAIanary ; 10 William Chisholm ; 
11 Heirs of George Brown; 12 A. McNaughton and Thos. 
Hume; 13 Haggart and Brothers ; 14 0. R. Duggan and 
Heirs of Alexander Winlaw ; 15 James Carradice ; 16, I7 
and 18 Sidney Smith and Co. ; 19 Benjamin Wallace and 
David Carnachan ; 20 Thomas Cook, Thomas Overton and 
David Carnachan; 21 John Job and Benjamin Anderson; 
-22 Robert Smith and Peter McGovern; 23 Valentine 
Dynes, Massilas Dynes and George Mulholland ; 24 Donald 
Robertson and George Mulholland ; 25 George Whaleyand 
M. McCann ; 26 Archibald Campbell and N. Dalton ; 27 
Archibald Campbell and George Walter; 28 Archibald 
Campbell, Charles Read and John Lewis; 29 Michael 

CrawrPfml William TJ^^V.^- „.,j t-.i-- itr. ii- n.> -r. , 

, rt... ii^jiiici aiiu oxjiui TTujuie ; au ivoDert 

Brown and Thomas Moore; 31 Robert Kennedy; 32 

1 ' 


Lorenso Crewson, Haywood Kennedy and Bott and Wil- 
liam Crewson. 

Second Concession,— ISumhei 1 William Andenon and 
Alexander Bowman ; 2 William Moore, junr., and William 
Burger; 3 James [Campbell, A. McCallum and Daniel 
Cotrell ; 4 Archibald McCallum and James Campbell ; 5 
John White, M. P. P. ; 6 David Bowman and Thomas 
Dalf ; 7 Robert Glennie, John Duff and James Duff; 8 
Alexander Bell ; 9 William Campbell and James Duff; 
10 William Campbell and James Hume, senr. ; 11 Mrs. C. 
Hume and Alexander Hume; 12 James Robertson and 
Samuel McNaughton ; John McNaughton and Samuel 
McNaughton; 14 William Moore ; 15 James Robert- 
son and Peter Crookshank ; 16 George Baker and 
Peter Crookshank ; 17 James McPherson and John and 
Angus Kennedy ; 18 Margaret, Mancy, Bridget, Nancy and 
Neil Keith ; 19 William Mills, senoir, John Mulhall, 
Michael Lady, John Donahue and William Mills ; 20 
William Hyde and Robert and William Thompson ; 21 D. 
Thompson, James McBain and David Walker, 22 J. 
Stewart, John Bennett and Hugh Brown ; 23 John C. Mc- 
Donald and John McDougall ; 24 Thomas Gibbons, John 
Lamb, J. Gibbons and Peter Lee ; 26 George Elliott, 
Thomas Elliott and and William McSpadden ; 26 Patrick 
Lamb and James Bell; 27 George Walter, Ransom 
Adams, Free Church Property, W. Steel, Kerr, Brown & 
Co., and others; 28 William Heather, George Walter, 
Edward Nicklan, B. W. Nicklan, John B. Burnes, Hook 
& Hall and others; 29 James Cameron, Esq., and A. 
Hall, Esq. ; 30 Asa Hall aiid Oliver Lasby ; 31 Richard 
L. Johnson aud John Cummins ; 32 Richard L. Johnson, 
J. Cummins and J. Warden. 

Third Concession, — Number 1 William Elliott and 


■/Villiam Elliott, junr. ; 2 Archibald McNabb; 3 James 
Grant and Duncan Stewart : 4 David Knight and Robert 
McGowan ; 6 James H. Laidlaw and Walter Laidlow ; 6 
Walter Laidlow, Mrs. Stephenson, John, Robert and Thos. 
Shortreed and Rev. John Gillespie ; 7 Robert Laidlow and 
John Shortreed ; 8 Alexander Campbell j 9 Duncan 
Stewart and John Stewart; 10 James Grant; 11 Robert 
Steel and John Turner : 12 John McNaughton Esq., John 
Turner and William Moore ; 13 John McNaughton, James 
Anderson and WilliEm Moore ; 14 James Anderson and 
William and John Robertson ; 15 R. iMcPherson and David 
Moore; 16 Thonw^ Hume and James Marshall ; 17 John 
Gilles and Ephraim Moore ; 18 John Sproalland J. Gilles ; 
19 Henry Gilpin, William Nixon and John Douglass ; 20 
John Brown and Graham McDougald ; 21 John Connell 
and William Firstbrook ; 22 WUliara Firstbrook ; 23 Chas. 
Small and Mrs. A. Scott ; 24 Charles Milne ; 25 Hugh 
Mann and Charles Milne ; 26 William Stauffer and Chas. 
Milne; 27 Thomas Burns and others ; 28 Acton, T. B. 
Johnson, Daniel Livingston, Eli Snider and Joseph Col- 
lins; 29 Sidney Smith, William Hempstreet and James 
Symon; 30 George Matthews and Mrs. Mary Lasbyj 31 
Thomas Davison, Hugh Smith and A. Curry; 32 Sainuel 
Stauffer, James Snider and John Sharp. 

Fourth (7oncea«ton,— Number 1 James Caradiee and 
Thomas Shortreed ; 2 William Elliott and Robert Todd ; 
3 Thomas Aiken ; 4 Mr. Bonheim ; 5 Robert Murray and 
Edward Wilfoard; 6 James Laidlaw and Robert Murray 
7 Thomas Joyce and William Joyce ; 8 John Stewart Esq' 
and James Stark; 9 William Murray; 10 Duncan Stewart, 
James Hume, senr., and James Hume; 11 James Hume, 

mnr.. Mnrv Rnlrcr «.,™l. Tir„Tk u j ^ 

' n ' "' "' "'"»" '•^iii-'wuam a«u james siewart • 

12 Thomas Hume Mary Baker, James Stewart and Thos! 

Barber; 13 William Mickie; 14 David and Henry Law- 
son and George Black ; 15 John Giiles and James Robin- 
son; 16 Ephraim Moore and James Leslie; 17 James 
Alderson and Alexander Moore; 18 Joseph Cross and 
Robert Stewart ; 19 James Brown ; 20 Malcom Brown and 
Ninian Lindsay; 21 Alexander McDonald and Thomas 
Gavan; 22 John Nickell and Allen Cliff; 23 John 
Staulker and William Ross ; 24 Mrs. A. Scott and John 
Scott ; 25 William Lawson, Adam Robertson and Andrew 
Morrison ; 26 William Cross ; 27 Alexander Row, Esq. ; 
28 Alexander Mann, John Mann and Peter Mann ; 29 Alex- 
ander Mann, Alexander Brown, Peter Mann and R. Mc- 
Donald ; 30 Alexander Mann, James Grey and Ronald 
McDonald; 31 Henry Rider, John Gibbons and Jacob 
Snyder; 32 Hiram Swackhammer, John Swackhammer 
and Christopher Swackhammer. 

Fifth Concession, -Number 1 William Lawson, junr. 
and Thomas Erwin; 2 Anthony Robertson and Robert 
Howden ; 3 John Flemmiug and Jacob Brooks ; 4 John 
Shortreed and Peter Scott ; 6 Edward Wilford, Peter Mc- 
Tarvish and John McTarvish ; 6 Adam Sproat ; 7 Andrew 
Neilson ; 8 John Stark &nd Joseph Graham ; 9 Abraham 
Stark, John Fisher and William Fisher; 10 James 
Stewart, senr., and James Stewart ; II James Stewart; 12 
Rev. Peter Ferguson and Peter McPherson ; 13 Mrs. Mary 
Dobbie anu John Allen ; 14 James Alderson and Archi- 
bald McDonald ; 15 John Martin and James Christian ; 16 
Jbhn Lyon and Francis Graham ; 17 Robert Johnson and 
Henry and Andrew Ross; 18 James Hainer; 19 Joseph 
Cross and James Brown; 20 Thomas Lain and James 
Brown ; 21 James Dobbie, Allen Cliff and Ninian Lind«ay ; 
22 Joseph OnydftF, Wiiiiara Smith and John Newton ; 23 
Andrew Scott and Williana Shanks; 24 Thomas Summer- 




▼ille and Robert SummerviUe ; 25 Alexander Kennedy 
and Paul Kennedy; 26 John Lawson and James Shaw; 
37 John Mann and Robert Watson ; 28 John Gordon • 29 
Robert and John Warren and Israel Worden ; 30 John and 
Robert Warren and Andrew Pringle ; 31 Simon McLean 
and James Henderson ; 32 Robert Miller. 

Sia:th Concession .--.Number 1 Robert Miller ; 2 Robert 
Miller, Robert Howden and William Cunningham; 3 
Thomas Chisholm and William Preston ; 4 Thomas Chis- 
holm and Thomas Preston ; 5 Abraham Neilson; 6 John 
Sproat and William Laird ; 7 John Hardy ; 8 James Cum- 
mmgs, Alexander Paterson and Charles Monahan; 9 
Thomas Fisher, John and William Fisher and Joseph D 
Standish; 10 John Mc Coll and Richard Graham ; 11 John 
McColl ; 12 Duncan McCall and Neil Beaton ; 13 Allan 
McPherson and Joseph and J. Standish; 14 James Mc- 
Pherson and Mrs. Rachel Standish ; 15 Jesse Graham 
Francis Graham and Daniel Graham ; 16 Hugh McCall 
and John Murray; 17 Hugh McColl and John Standish; 
18 John R. Bessey, Esq. ; 19 John R. Bessey and Robert 
F. Bessey; 20 William W. Ball ; 21 Edwara Biscoby and 
Nman Lindsay; 22 John Newton, Edward Biscoby and 
James Lindsay, Esq. ; 23 Samuel Robertson, John and 
Charles Merredeth ; 24 John Merredeth, John Russell, 
John Craig, junr. and Charles Kilpatrick ; 25 James 
Niohol; 26 Robert Watson and William Hardin^ly f?7 
Joseph J. Wiswell; 28 Henry Wiswell, William Warden. 
Samuel Warden and Robert Price; 29 James Lamb 
George Cook and Peter (;ole ; 30 John Watson and George 
Cook; 31 James Henderson and John Whiteside; 32 
Alexander Russell. Mrs. Isabella Cooper anH Hnno,. iiyr._ 
Donald. ^ '■'"*"" 


Seventh Concession .-—Number 1 Y. Triller, Thomas 
Howson, David Brooks and a portion of Hornby West ; 2 
Robert S. Hall, Esq., and Robert Baiker ; 3 Thomas F. 
Howson, Robert Atkinson and R. S. Hall, Esq. ; 4 John 
Taylor and Joseph l?rownridge ; 6 Alfred Thornton and 
Joseph Brovvnridge ; G Ceorge Brooks, John Jackson, Mrs. 
Jane Cunningham, Joseph Cunningham, Mrs. Margaret 
McKay and others ; 7 William Laird and Thomas Craw- 
ford ; 8 Alfred P. Thornton and John Howson ; 9 Joseph 
Ruddell and Joseph Ruddell, junr. ; 10 William Tiiompson 
and Edward U. Leonard ; 11 William Smith and Francis 
Hewson; 12 Richard Graham, James Graham and R. 
Graham; 13 Robert Campbell and H. P. Thompson; 14 
Daniel Graham and Pierce R. Applebee ; 15 William T. 
Thompson and Pierce R. Applebee ; 16 John Thompson, 
John Johnson, James Young, Duncan Stewart and a por- 
tion of Stewarttown ; 17 John Harrison and David Cross; 
18 Elijah W. Devereux ; 19 John S. Bessey ; 20 Edward 
Orr, Elijah Knox, John S. Bessey, John Short, Robert Mc- 
Collough, W.D., and George Goodwillie ; 21 John Short 
and Ninian Lindsay, junr.; 22 James Young, F. W. 
Shanly, John H. Conley and Alexander Henderson; 23 
Thomas Appleyard and Henry Davidson; 24 Nevins 
Jones and Thomas Appleyard ; 25 John Dames, Ephraim 
Graham and Lafayette Goodenew; 26 Thomas McPherson, 
John Fairman, Robert Price, Thomas Price and T. 
Carbey; 27 John J. Moate, Thomas Price and George 
Thompson ; 28 John Moate, John Rider and Robert Read ; 
29 George Cook, Peter Cole and Henry Cole ; 30 Robert 
Whitoside ; 31 Robert Whiteside ; 32 James Paisley and 
Alexander Johnston. 

Eighth Concession .'—Number 1 parts of Hornby Wes 


pCt s:?'i,'- -T"""'- 

Alexander McKinnon T cTj^ \ f ^" Beckwith, 

Ashgrove; 11 A portion of Ashgroye, John Huntl^ 
Hunter and Henry Hoffman. 12 M^^hV i p , ' '^^° 
Wilson and Geol^e W.nla:'; I ^^^M^^ 1T 
r^mley ; 14 Peter M. Row and Thomas A R d • 15 T^^' 
Sparrow, Mrs. Elizabeth Turnev Lm p ""^^ 

Thomas A. Reid; 16 Pierc^ R'^^AnnTh 'T"" ""^ 
Thompson, Esq • 17 r«n u ^PP^*^^®« and George 
pson, jLsq. , 17 George Barnes, Henry Tost, Geor^P 
C. Thompson, junr., Alexander Reid and John r f f 

Peter Barnes, Christian Barnes, Jane fill p ^^L '^ 
clay, Rev. Joseph Unworth Rev Ch. ,^^^^^'/^^"°'« ^^^' 

Hens«-„rth, lafetite G J /"'^P'' '''•""•"' ^''^'^^ 
35 Jamo« Van Vhck ThT T° , """ '''"" *'''I'''™<" i 

McDermo.; sTjZ pl r" '1 ^'"'°^ =""■ P«'" 

Wright, e4, 27Ba;e;n.'rr. *'t -?''-«^'">- 

ners, ^o john v. Tuthill, 


took , 30 Georg. Campbell and John ShortilJ • 31 Th.l 
Veman, George CampbeJ] and T. Erwin 3-2 j'ah Ik n' 
Bai;;nafad and Ric Jd Shortii] ' ^2 John ShorUll, 

B nn^^ ^^"7f;^.-Number 1 David Lindsay, Francis 
B. Lindsay and Alexander Davidson • 2 rn<i.r.T, in 
John B«i„, Senior, John Brain Z'^oraTpio 'aTs 
W.lham Pickard and Thoma, Pickard • iMr Zr ,, 
an John B™„„ ; 5 Edward Wa.or JaLd a ;,e?B'^^''! 

Grfffin hZ "'"'',/'^"'"''" ""«-"»"; 7 MichaeT.' 

9 Wmiam P T T'' ^^"'"'' """'^ ""-i Mrs. Nixon • 
» W.Iham Pexlon, Esq.; lo William Cook- 11 Hober^ 
Armstrong, John H. fipirf a„,i i„u a ' ""Oert 

Leslie, Wmam ptka d Thomt Ab"" iTh ^l"""" 
Hugh K. Nixon and Jan,e, V.rxon ; 14 R„be"f A S 
and John Mann; ,5 John W. Koid a^d Boben R^d « 

18 Pa,t of Gtorgetown, Barber and Brothers and George 
Kennedy, Esq. ; 19 A portion of Georgetown, P. wolf. 
foot, Young & Barber, and M. Kennedy; 20;ohnH;wson 
Morns Kennedy, ATilliam Alexander, Mofiat Foster Mo2 

BaZ %TZ' l^- ""^' ''-'' «-o-nd1;™gT 

rhl'i t^n- "' '^^ '^"- ^'""i 25 John Noble and 
Charles Wdhams, 26 Lewis Knot and Allred Cook -27 

^.^^z^ s^Lr^. ^- -" ^- ^ 32 

R J'Tt^""""""'""'"^'™''" » **'i»iam Armstrong and 
Robert May, 2 William Amrstrong and George Morlson; 


3 Adam Dick and George Morrison ; 4 James ScolJ and 
John Switzer; 5 William Peidew, John Griffin and John 
Nelson ; 6 James Y. Nixon, John Nixon and Robert Ruther 
ford ; 7 James N. Nixon, Hugh McNally and James 
Early ; 8 John Robertson and Heirs of John Menzies ; 9 
James Nixon and John Nixon ; 10 John Hunter and James .. 
R. Nixon; 11 John McKinnon, Esq., David Bell f.nd Mrs. 
Jane McNab; 12 David Bell and George Hamilton; 13 
William McFarlane, Rev. Joseph Alexander, James 
Lyons and James Y. Nixon ; 14 William McFarlane and 
H. McCrea ; 15 Paul Smeltzer and Henry Reid; lo Alex- 
ander Campbell, Barber and Brothers, John Harris and 
James Coleman ; 17 John Cook and George Frazer ; 18 
Barber and Brothers and John Campbell ; 19 Barber and 
Brothers, Joseph Young and Young and Barber : 20 Barber 
and Brothers and Charles Williams ; 21 Charles Williams 
Mrs. Williams and Glen William ; 22 WaUer Bell, John , 
Rutledge, James S. Laidlow, Major MuUan and John 
Leslie ; 23 William and John Miller, Isaac Cook and Jas. 
S. Laidlaw ; 24 Thomas Muilan and Andrew Mullan ; 25 
Charles Williams and William McClure ; 26 Peter Ackert 
and John Eccles ; 27 David Starret ; 28 James Pearson 
and James Reid ; 29 Gabriel Copeland, Joseph T. Thom- 
son and Robert Hughson; 30 James Marshall and Wm. 
Frank ; 31 John Linden and Heirs of John Jackson ; 32 
Patrick McEnery, Samuel Bovill, James Rainey and 
Albert and Edward Bonesteal. 

Eleventh Concession, — Number 1 Samuel Bell, William r 
Edwards and John Whaley; 2 William H. and George 
Switzer and Edward Hayden ; 3 John Wilson and Francis 
Kent ; 4 .John Humphreys and Andrew Kyle t 5 John 
Nelson and William Early; 6 John Mcintosh and James 

(8 Scot} and 
in and John 
tbert Ruther 
and James 
Menzies; 9 
sr and James _. 
ell f.nd Mrs. 
am 'Hon; 13 
dcr, James 
^'arlane and 
d; 16 Alex- 
Harris and 
Frazer; 18 
Barber and 
: : 20 Barber 
es Williams 
■ Bell, John « 
1 and John 
)ok and Jas. 
Mullan.; 25 
?eter Ackert 
nes Pearson 
1 T. Thom- 
U and Wm. 
Jackson ; 32 i 
Rainey and 

tell, William? 

and George 

I and Francis 

irle: 5 John 

I - - : - 

and James 


N Jfiller, E.q. ; 7 James Menz.ea, Esq., and Jo.eph K. 
and Thomas L. Johnston ; 8 and 9 Joseph and Matthias 
Kerby ; 10 Thomas Fcter, Mrs. Jennet, Denny and Jas. 
Omy; 11 Part of Norval, James Johnson, James Miller, 
Wm Watson and Charles Mitchell ; 12 a portion of Norval, 
-Jas Miller and James John.son ; 13 Charles Orr and Jamej 
Johnson; 14 John Henderson and John Orr; 15 Henry 
Reid David Frazer and William Clay; 16 Noah Whitham 
and George Cooper; 17 George Frazer and Joseph Dixon • 
18 Andrew McNicol and William Graham; 19 Joseph 
Tweedle and William Frazer; 20 Daniel Cook and Wm 
and Robert Stoan ; 21 Joel Williams ; 22 John Leslie and 
Johns. Frazer; 23 John Leslie and John S. Frazer- 24 
Jame. S. Laidlaw an<l Thomas Montgomery; 25 John 
Chishohn and James Halliday ; 26 William Hoave, Allan 
Cooper and Archibald Smith; 27 James Leslie, James 
-Stnnger and William Hoare ; 28 Archibald Smith and 
Robert Henderson ; 29 Joseph T. Thompson ; 30 V/illiam 
Hoare and John Smith; 31 Edward Hammond ; 32 Duncan 
McTavish and Moffat Murray and Co. 

Esquesing is divided into Wards as follows I— 
Ward No. l,-.From the South West corner of Esque- 
sing, up the Town Line, between Nassagaweya and this 
Township, to lot 16 inclusive ; then East by the dividing 
hne, between lots 16 and 17, to the middle of the Fourth 
Concession ; thence South through the middle of said Con- 
cession to lot No. 8, inclusive, and again East betwixt 
lots 7 and 8, to the road, between the sixth and seventh 
concessions ; down it to the Base Line, between Trafalgar 
and Esquesing, and West along that line to the point of 

Ward Ab. 2,— Beginning at the junclion of ti:e sixth 



concession line with the Base Line, betwixt Esquesing 
and Trafalgar; thence np the sixth concession line to ihe 
line of separation, between lots 7 and 8 ; thence East by 
said line of separation, across the seventh and to the 
middle of the eighth concession; then North through the 
middle of that concession to the dividing line between lots 
16 and 17, and along that line of separation across the re- 
mainder of the eighth and across the ninth, tenth and 
eleventh Cuncessions, to the town line, between Chingua- 
cousy and Eequesing ; thence down that line to the South 
East coiner of lot No. 1, and then West along the Baso 
Line, between Esquesing and Trafalgar to the place of 

Ward No. 4,— Commencing on Town Line, betwixt 
Esquesing and Nassagaweya, and at the line of separation 
betwixt lots 16 and 17, of the former Township—thence 
North along said Town Line till it strikes the Base Line, 
between the Counties of Wellington and Halton— along 
said Base Line to the road between the seventh and eighth 
Concessions of Esquesing— down said Concession Line to 
the line of separation between lots 22 and 23,— thence 
across by said line of separation, through the seventh, sixth, 
and fifth Concessions, and to the middle of the fouith Con- 
cession,— then down the middla of that Concession lo the 
North boundary of Ward No. 1, between lots 16 and 17, 
and thence West between said lots across the remainder 
of the fourth, the third, second, and first Concessions, to 
the place of beginning. 

Ward No. 6,— Commencing at the Concession Line, 
between the seventh and eighth Concessions of Esquesing, 
where it strikes the Basfi Linp. hpfw;vt PrSr. a«,i !?„«„«. 
sing,— thence down that line till it strikes the line of 

the line of 


separation, between Lots 22 and 23,-.then East to tii& 
middle of the eighth Concession, and down the middle 
thereof till it meets Ward No. 2, between lots 16 and 17,. 
-then East between said lot across the remainder of the- 
eighth, the ninth, tenth ami eleventh Couce.ssions to th© 
- Town Line, betvjeen Chinguacousy and Esquesingj-then 
Norlh along that line till it meets the County Line, betwixt 
Erin and Esquesing, and then West along thereby to the 
place of commencement. 

Ward No. 3,--The remainder of the Township, as 
bounded by the first, second, fourth and fifth Wards ; or 
beginning at the dividing line, between lots 7 and 8 in the 
fourth Concession,— then North throi:gh the middle thereof 
to the line of separation, betwixt lots 22 and 23,— thence 
East by said dividing line, between said lots, to the middle 
^ of the eighth Concession,— then South through the middle 
of said Concession to the line of separation between lots 
7 and 8, and thence West by said dividing line, between 
said lots, to the place of commencement. 

Towns and Villages in Esquesin g,-GeoTgetown, 
Acton, Upper Hornby, Stewarttown, Silver Creek, Ballina- 
fad, Glenwilliams, Ashgrove aud Nerval. Total number, 9. 

Flour Mills,~One on lot 28, in the second Concession, 
(near Acton) ; one on lot 28, in the third Concession, (near 
Acton) ; one on lot 16, in the seventh Concession, (at 
Stewarttown) ; one on lot 25, in the eighth Concession, (at 
^ Silver Creek) ; one on 21, in the tenth concession, (near 
Glen Williams), and one at Nerval. Total, 6. 

Steam Saw Mills,— One on 13 and one on lot 17, in the 
first concessioa ; one on lot 17, in the second concession • 
one on lot 14, in the fourth concession ; one on lot 8, in the 


^-^ i' 



sixth concession ; one on lot 3, in the seventh concession, 
and one on lot 32, in the tenth concession. Total, 7. 

Water Saw MUlsy—One on lot 2, in the first conces- 
sion, (near Peru) ; one on lot 15, and one on lot 28, (near 
Acton,) in the second concession ; one on lot 11 and one on 
lot 29, (near Acton) in the third concession,; one on lot 12> - 
one on lot 18 and one on lot 25, in the fourth concession ; 
one on lot 1 and one on lot 25, in the sixth concession ; two 
on lot 16 and one on lot 26, (near Silver Creek) in the 
seventh concession ; one on lot 21, one on lot 22 and one 
on lot 28, in thp eighth concesssion; one on lot 18, (at 
Georgetown) ; one on lot 20 and one on lot 28, in the ninth 
concession ; one on lot 18 and one on lot 22, in the tenth 
concession; two at Nerval and one on lot 31, in the 
eleventh concession. Total number of Water Saw Mill- 
in Esquesing, 24; grand total of all kinds. 31. 

TanneWw,— One on lot 2, in the first concession; one ' 
at Acton, one at Stewarttown, one at Georgetown and one 
at Nerval. Total, 5. 

Brewerieg,— One on lot 2, tn the ninth concession. 

F(mndriei,—Tvfo at Georgetown. 

Pump Factoriea,^One at Acton and one at Glen- 
williams. Total, 2. 

Woolen Factoriee,- One at Georgetown and one at 
Glenwilliams. Total, 2. 

Near Georgetown there is a Paper Mill. At Stewart- 
town there is a Broom Factory. Near tiienwiljiams there 
18 a Shingle Mill. 

Common 5(;Aoo/#,~-One on lot 6 and one on lot 22, in 
the second concession ; one on lot 13 and one on 32, in'the 

fourth oonoamiinn • nnn nn ^r^* u ^^a «_ i.. _-.« . 

r -•"- ••" "1 " a"<-i uiiu vii iui -^Of in me 

fifth concession ; one on lot 21, in the sixth concession; 

ession: two 

)ncession ; 


one on lot 29, in the seventh 'concession, and one at 
Hornby; one on Jot 8, ond at Stewarttown and one on lot 
23, m the eighth concession ; one on lot 6 and one on lot 
39, in the tenth concession; one at Nerval and one at 
(Georgetown. Grand total, 16. 

Post OJices,-Scotch Block, Acton, Lime House, Ash- 
grove, Stevvarltown, Silver Creek, Hornby, Georgetown, 
Glenwilhams, and Nerval. Total number 10 

Jiailroad8,-The Grand Trunk Railway 'enters this 
Township, from Chinguacousy at lot 15, in the eleventh 
concession, and thence runs in a North-west direction 
througn Georgetown and Acton, to the North-west corner 
of Esquesmg, where it passes into the County of Wellington. 
It has two depots in this Township ; one at Georgerown 
and one at Acton. There is also a branch railroad which 
runs from Georgetown, North to a Quarry, on lot 28, in the 
tenth concession. 

mreams of water rising in or running through the 
Townshipy-The Credit river enters, from Chinguacousy, 
at lot 28, 111 the eleventh concession, and flows South-west 
through GJenwilliams, thence it flows South-east through 
Nerval, where it passes into Chinguacousy. Its principal 
tributary is Silver Creek, which runs from Ballinafad, 
South through Georgetown; thence it flows South and 
South-east to Nerval, where it empties into the Credit. 
The principal tributary of Silver Creek is formed by two 
streams ; one of which flows from Acton, South-east to lot 
20, m the sixth concession, and the other runs irom the 
northern part of the sixth concession South to the same lot, 
where they unite and flow South through the same con- 
cession to lot 10: thence EaAt thmn^K «*« ♦♦ -_j 

then North-east to lot 17, in the ninth concession, where it 
empties into Silver Creek. 


The eastern branch of the Sixteen Mile Creek, has its 
source near the centre of the Township; it flows South- 
west through the Scotch Block to Jot 9, in the second con- 
.cession; thence South-east to lot l,in the sixth concession, 
where it enters Trafalgar. The sixteen Mile Creek enters 
Esquesing at lot 3, in the first concession, and runs South- 
east to lot 1, m the second concession, where it passes into 
Tratalgar. The rest of the streams in this Township are 
m small that I think it unnecessary to describe them. 

i< 1 


This Township is bounded on the North by the Town- 
ship of Eraraosa, in the County of WelJington, on the East 
by Esquesing, on the South by Nelson, and on the West 
hy Puslinch, in the County of Waterloo. Nassagaweva. 
has seven concessions, each ol which contains 32 lots 
making in all 224 lots, or 44,800 acres. The concessions 
in this Township number from West to East, and the lots 
are numbered from South to North. 

The following is a list of the concessions and lots, with 
the names of the owners or occupants, as far as can be 
ascertauied : 

First Co»ceMton,~Number 1 Henry Watson and 
Anthony Hinton ; 2 John Mitchel, E. Lumley, John Clark 
and Robert Henderson; 3 James Inglis and John Inglis ; 
4 William Murray and Thomas Hopkinson; 5 Thomas, 
Elliott, Esq. ; 6 Joseph Lynn; 7 James Menzie« and ^ 
Samne May; 8 John Campbell, Charles Lambiei and 
Edwajxl Hurst; 9 James Rodes and William Johns; 10 

""r^fv^"^" ^"^ ^^'^^^ McDonald ; 11 John P. Peacock 
nnd Wilham Cargill ; 12 Mrs. Dutton, Day Dutton, and 


Joseph Allison ; 13 Andrew Little and Joseph Allison • 1* 
James Weir and John Donwanj 15 William Cu S 'and 
a Stranger ; 16 James Moffatt and John Cotterall : 17 Jas 
Sjmpson and Tho,nas Simpson ; 18 John Moffatt and John 
Machn; 19 Mary Calvert ; 20 Mrs. McKenzie and Duncan 
iMornson ; 21 John Kitching and Archibald Black 22 
Duncan Morr^n and John McRoble ; 23 John Smith and 
Wimam Kitchen ; 24 John Henderson and Edward Hmon 
25 Peter Campbell and Edward Hilton ; 26 Robert Lamb 
! ^nd Gideon Lamb ; 27 George Murray and R. and J. Fisk- 
28 John Wmeyard and Joseph Langdale ; ; 29 WiJliam 
Armstrong ; 30 John Anderson and John' Rebels "7 

Thomas Ryan and Meshack Bardwell. 

Second Concession,-Numher 1 John White. M P P 
and James Hunter ; 2 John White, M. P. P. ; 3 Benjamin 
Johnstonand John Sovereign ; 4 Thomas Picket, E 
Shantz and Thompson SmUhj 5 David Ghen Hulh 
FraserandDavidFrazerj 6 John Campbell , r Peter Rex^dj 
8 J Hurst and Archibald McPhail ; 9 Alexander Mclntyre 
and Duncan Reid; 10 Archibald McPhail and Colin Mc! 

Ut'-u .r.' ^""'^ ^""""^ ^^^"y ^"^ ^ol'ert Lowri • 
U Wilham McCurdy and Joseph Anderson ; 13 R. Allison 
I Joseph Gunn and John Lowely ; U John Gould and John 
Allison ; 16 George Allison, Jax^ob Allison and John AUi- 
son ; 16 Benjamin H. Kean; 17 John Taylor and Moses 
Maclm; 18 John Gilles and Lambert Barbaree 19 T 
Laing and Lambert Barbaree ; 20 Duncan Gilles and 
hjonathan Adamson; 21 Jeremiah Fletcher and Georcre 
.Norrish; 22 Nicholas Norrish, junr. ; 23 Matthew Hodgson 
I and Walter Lang ; 24 John McCilpin and George Norrish • 
1^5 John Atkinson and Joseph Boles; 26 John Atkinson 
! and Joseph Boles ; 27 Quintin Atkinson, George Rouse 


and William liouse ; 28 John Martin, Quintin Atkinson, 
William Martin and Edward Thomas ; 29 William Martin 
and Edward Tliomas ; 30 John Martin, D. Roberts and 
Edward Thomas ; 31 William Green and John Locker ; 32 
James Argo and Joseph Kirkland. 

Third Concession, — Number r James McMuUen, Wm, 
Wilmot and Robert Wilmot ; 2 John Higgins, Daniel Hunter 
and John Stewart ; 3 John Higgins, Saul Grordon, James 
Gordon, John Donaldson and Samuel Donaldson ; 4 Samuel 
Cairns and Denis Hunter ; 5 Thompson Smith and Archi- 
bald McLean ; 6 Alexander McLaren, Peter McJuaren, 
Thompson Smith and others ; 7 Peter Blacklock and John 
Farris ; 8 Hugh Mitchel, John Player, Robert Currie and 
Henry Lust; 9 Robert S. Hutheon, George Barber and 
George McEwen j 10 Colin McPhail and James Gordon ; 
11 William McCurdy, Thomas Easterbrj: k and P. Chis- 
holm ; 12 William Anderson and Dav id Cargill ; 13 
Nancy Hunter, James Cotterall and John Hntcheson; 14 
William Hntcheson and John Hutcheson; 15 Robert 
Hutcheson; 16 Donald McEwin and George Barber; 17 
William McKay; 18 Daniel McCurdy and Thomas 
Easterbrook, Esq. ; 19 John Simpson and Thomas Easter- 
brook, Esq. ; 20 John Simpson and Jeremiah Fletcher; 21 
Jonathan Adam son and George Easterbrook ; 22 George 
Easterbrook, Jonathan Adamson and H. Young ; 23 Dun- 
can McPhederain and George Hampson; 24 James 
Pierce ; 25 William Napper and John Locker ; 26 William 
Watson and Mrs. Marshall ; 27 A. Stewart and Thomas 
Taylor; 28 Edward Ihomas and George Thomas; 29 
Robert Laing ; 30 James Ramsey ; 31 John Scott and 
Henry Burrows ; 32 Allen Ramsay and John Ramsey. 

Fourth Concession^ — Number 1 Jar. es Stockes and 





Allen Smith ; 2 Daniel Hunter, John Black, Neil Smith 
and others ; 3 John Black and Adam L. Argo, Esq • 4 
James Easterbrook and Adam L. Argo, Esq. ; 5 AdamL. 
Argo, Esq. ; Thompson Smith, Adam L. Argo and T & 
J. Davidson; 7 William Buck, Peter Myers and None- 
resident ; 8 William, Job and James Gordon ; 9 James 
Wilson, Alexander McKay, Mrs. B. Piper and Isaac 
Roberts; 10 George Johnson ; 11 George Curry and John 
Kean; 12 Alexander Cargill and John Cargill ; 13 Henry 
Cargill, John Cane and Archibald McGlashan ; 14 Archi- 
bald McGlashan and George Kennedy; 16 Jas. Monaghaa 
and James Agnew ; 16 James McNair and William Carr • 
17 D. McNair and Archibald McTavish; 18 Alexander 
McPhederain ; 19 Thomas Easterbrook, Esq., and James 
Easterbrook; 20 John Hunt, William Diamond and S. R 
Lister; 21 Robert Darby, Henry Corner and George 
L Atkinson ; 22 William Sherwood, Henry Corner and George 
Agnew ; 23 Mrs. Youart and John Youart ; 24 William 
Husband, John Anderson and Mrs. Youart; 25 William 
Husband and John Elliott ; 26 Robert Park and George 
Wilson ; 27 John Colguhoun ; 28 Dougal McAlpin, Richard 
Cleave and John Williams ; 29 Ralph Daniels and Richard 
Cleave ; 30 William Ingle and Joshua Norrish ; 31 R. 
Daniels, John Ingle and Joshua Norrish ; 32 Samuel 
Ramsey and John Easton. 

Fifth Concm«o«,— Number 1 William Weir and 
^Andrew Mitchell; 2 William Weir and Heirs of Simon 
I -i Deforest ; 3 James McCall and Robert Menzies ; 4 William 
Hillison and David Christie ; 5 Finley McGilbon and John 
Dixon ; 6 B. H. Seriber and Andrew Robertson ; 7 William 
iiliioit ; 8 John Richards; 9 Robert McPherson ; 10 David 
Munn; 11 Thomas Sherman and Judge Davidson; 12 


Judge Davidson and Non-resident ; 13 John Logie and 
David Henderson; 14 Non-resident, Archibald Bell and 
Donald McCiarty ; 15 William Dredge and Thomas Bell ; 
16 Barney Curry and D. and J. McNair; 17 Samuel 
Donaldson and Christopher Showen ; 18 Dougal McMillen 
and Thomas Richardson; 19 Thomas Halcrow ; 20 John 
MePhederain; 21 Thomas Bell and John McCiarty j 22 
G. Stranger, Mrs. Youart and Non-resident; 23 James 
McKaughan and George Anderson; 24 John Anderson, 
•senior, John Anderson and William McAdam ; 25 William 
fieid, Edward Earn and Thomas Hodgins ; 26 William 
Reid and George McCiarty; 27 Thomas Estm, Henry 
Young and James Reed ; 28 William Ramshaw, J. Simp- 
•son and William Reed ; 29 John Ramage and William 
•Reed; 30 James Allison, J. Sandling and G. Easton ; 31 
Thomas Easton and G. Easton ; 32 George Watson and 
Wilson Ramshaw. 

Sixth Concession,— Number 1 John Redpath and 
David Scott ; 2 James McFarren, William Elliott and 
Andrew Elhott ; 3 John While ; 4 Adam Alexander; 5 
Benjamm H. Schriver and James Moffat ; 6 John McGib- 
■bon J 7 Robert McGo wan and Duncan Campbell ; 8 P. & 
D. Campbell and W. Colwell; 9 Jas. McClure and David 
'Carradice ; 10 William Whitlow ; 11 George R. Markland ; 
i2 Non-resident ; 13 Dr. McCollough ; 14 Alexander Bell 
Non-resident ; 16 Archibald Bell and Donald McClartv ; and 
16 and 17 Thomas Easterbrook ; 18 Thomas Easterbrook 
and W Knowte ; 19 Thomas Bell ; 20 George Camaghart^ 
and John Bell; 21 Jeremiah Smith and Robert Aikins; 
22 Benjamin Wallace and Robert Aikins ; 23 Malcom 

„ ^.-.«..= , ^■^ James v^arapDeii and Thomas 

Whittley ; 25 John McKinnon ; 26 James McGregor; 27 

Egttaa^i^/i i t ' M 'ft 



Angus McCuUoch and Hugh McCullo<.h • m« r^ . 
Hilton and George McKav 29 Wn ' x ^^'"^ 

MoGregor; 4 Heir, of Thomas Hay ; « John s'pLIi 
R. Sprmgateen and George Elliott • 6 John i„j I 

wi; W'.f °°'"'"' *^- MeGl«,JtIi„ and Sidney 

RUehie ,/. John L^^on Z W^^ fc1/r 
gald MoTavish and Jacob Masalas; 23 Pe"rand ifrh 

John McPher«,n ; 25 Dnncan McKercher and DonaM 

Esq.; 27 Donald McGregor and Duncan McGregor W 
Jonn K^ and Malcom M<.Pheraon; 29 Thonta, Clrf-e; 

llSr '''**"''«'"" -"^"^■'L-'; 3^ 

Nassagaweya is divided into Five Wards. The First 

Ward extend, r^j, ,he Base Line, between Nelson „n 

this Townsh.p, North to lot 7 inclusive. The Second 

I J"'''™'"''^* "" l*'"-*™ 'he North Boundary rffte 

I 15. Ti^e Ihird Wa«i extends from the dividing line be- 
tween lots 14 and 16, Nonh .. lot 22 i„„>„li %?*: 
iounh Ward extends from the i-ne of «paration, betwMn 
lots 28 and 23, North to the dividing line Ui.i«ZZ 


27* The rest of the township composes the Fifth Ward ; 
or in other words, it extends from the north boundary of 
the Fourth Ward, North to the Base Line between Nas- 
•agaweya and Eramosa. 

Grist Mills in Nnssagaweya : — One on lot 4, in the 
fourth concession, known by the name of Nassagaweya 

Steam Sato Mills : — One on lot 7 and one on lot 25, 
in the first concession ; one on lot 11, in the second con- 
cession ; one on lot 6, in the third concession ; one on lot 
13, in the fourth concession, and one on lot 5, in the sixth, 
concession. Total number, 6. 

Water Sato Mills :— One on lot 1, in the first conces- 
sion ; one on lot 3, in the second concession ; one on lot 
4, in the iifth concession ; one on lot 17 and one on lot 19, 
in the sixth concession, and one on lot 3, in the seventh 
concession. Total, 6; total number of all kinds, 12. ^ 

Woolen Mills : — One on lot 5, in the fourth concession. 

Comitum iSchools .'—One on lot 4, one on lot 10, one on 
lot 15, and one on lot 29, in the third concession ; one on 
lot 22, in the fourth concession, and one on lot 25, in the 
seventh concession. Total number, 6. 

Villages: — Campbellville, Derbyville, Sodom and 
Kingsville. Total, 4. 

Pest Offices : — Campbellville and Nassagaweya. Total, 

Streams of Water riMng in or running through the 
Tbumship : — The Sixteen Mile Creek rises in this Town-<;. 
ship, near lot 25, in the seventh concession, and flows 
South and South-east to lot 3, in the fourth concession ; 

ii._„ c * 4^ 1^* o :_ *!._ .1, ;,.„ «.i ;♦ 

enters fc^quesing. 

, in the sixth 


The Twelve Mile Creek rises near lot 23, in the fourth 
ooncession, and flows South-west to lot 15, in the first 
concession, and thence into the township of Puslinch. 

Brittas Creek drains the South-western part of the 
Township, and the Grand River drains the Northern and 
7orth- western parts of it. 

Number of Grist Mills in the County of Halton, 17; 
Steam Saw Mills, 19, and Water Saw Mills, 5S ; total 
number of all kinds, 77. Tanneries, 6 j Woolen Factories, 
6 ; Breweries, 2 ; Foundries, 6 ; Shingle Mills, 2 ; Pump 
Factories, 2; Iron Works, 2; Chair Factories, 1; Gun- 
powder Mills, 1 ; Broom Factories, 1 ; Towns, 3 ; Villages, 
25; Post Offices, 27; Grammar Schools, 2; Common 
Schools, 53 ; Railroads, 2. 

Sodom and 

■' — '>». "V -"^^ ^~« 




Historical Sketch of Canada. 

i«.?:nn f l ?"" '^'^ f"'''^" ^'^'^ ^^"*t«^ signifying a col- 
lection of huts, was discovered in 1497 by Sebastian Cabot 
A temporary settlement of Europeans was made at St 

saS u„%t%^/ r '^^"^^ "^^^^'t^' " ^^«"^h Navigator, who 
sailed up the St. Lawrence in the year 1544. In IfiOft a 

permanent settlement was made on the present site of 
Quebec, Canada being then called New FraC In 1759 
Quebec was taken by General Wolfe, and Canada became 
LfTf P;;°^'"?^- I" 1*91. it was divided into UpTe? 
and Lowe Canada, but reut.ited in 1840, under the apE 
ation of Canada East and West, At a still later Sd 
Uie organization of the government has been beneficially 

Tn ^''' . Ir ^^ ^'^^^/ ^^^'''' the province is now inde- 
pendent of the imperial government. 

Chronological Facts connecl^d wUH tho History >f 
British America. 

Columbus discovered America, October 1. . . taqo 

Cabot Discovered Newfoundland, June .... i lot 

Newfoundland Settled J^^J 

French Trade with Canada renewed.'.*. i «? 

^''^Amerfcr' ^^^ ^"* ^°^^''^ child 'born "in North 

Quebec Founded by "champiain.* .*.'.".*. ". Ja?! 

First Ploughing with Oxen at Quebec. ...*.'.** i Joo 

Jesuit College, Founded at Quebec .pit 

First Horse brought into Canada and presented to Go ve- 

nor M. de Montmagny ,„.k 

First Aiithentic account of the Falls of Niagara.' .' itto 

Quebec Semniary, (Laval University,) established. ." '. '. '. '. '. i663 , 
Translation of the Bible into Indian by the Rev. J. Eliot. 1664 ' 
Horses generally introduced into Canada.... \TJt 

Ravages of Small Pox among the Canadian In d la nV. .".';; i6?o 
Estimated Population of Canada. 17.000 in Jpor 

r irst Newspaper published in America " I'^^l 

Hemp and Flax first raised in Canada . . f ^qJ 


•'- "ymum'-r- 

' -%fW^ iTpi«ri»i«HJ|5iil|'ftI»- 


gnifying a col- 
ebastian Cabot 
3 made at St. 
f*f avigator, who 
4. In 1608 a 
present site of 
nee. In 1759, 
■anada became 
ed into Upper 
der the appel- 
11 later period 
m beneficially 
i is now inde- 

o History yf 





in North 





o Gover- 



1 1663 .< Wh 

T. Eliot. 1664 


ins 1670 

■ 1685 




Great Earthquake in Canada 1 755 

Capture of Niagara by Sir William Johnson .'.'... 1 759 

Firat Newspaper published at Quebec, 21st June 1764 

Sir James Murray, first British Governor of Canada 1 765 

English Criminal Law introduced into Canada 1 784 

Bar 0*" Lower Canada organised nss 

Division of Upper and Lower Canada 1 79 1 

First Upper and Lower Canada Parliaments 1792 

Upper Canada divided into Districts 1792 

Trial by Jury established in Upper Canada, 15th October. 1792 

First Marriage Act of Upper Canada passed 1 793 

Slavery abolished in Upper Canada 1 793 

Court of Queen's Bench established in Upper Canada. . . . ! 794 

Upper Canada divided into Counties 1 798 

Slavery abolished in Lower Canada 1803 

Grammar Schools established in Upper Canada 1 807 

First Steame at Quebec I8II 

American Declaration of War and invasion of Canada . .'. 1812 

Detroit taken and Battle of Queenston 1812 

Battle ofStoney Creek, 6th June 1813 

York, (Toronto) taken by the Americans, 28th April. . . . 1813 

Battle of Niagara, 19th December 1813 

Common Schools first established in Upper Canada 1816 

Her Majesty the Queen, born 24th May 1819 

Tithes abolished in Upper Canada (in 1821) assented to. . 1823 

Welland Canal Company Incorporated 1 824 

Bounty of $500 to each Paper Mill established in Upper 

Canada 1826 

Toronto University Chartered 1827 

Upper Canada College established 1829 

McGill College, (Medical Faculty,) Montreal, established. 1829 
Mmisters of various religious persuasions authorised to 

solemnize Matrimony 1831 

Upper Canada Academy, (Victoria College,) Coboarg, 

established , 1832 

First Cholera at Quebec 1832 

Canada Provincial Penitentiary established at Kingston. 1833 

Remarkable Aurora and Shooting Stars in America 1833 

Standard Weights for Grain fixed in Upper Canada 1836 

Regiopolis College at Kingston established 1835 

Court of Chancery established in Upper Canada 1837 

Agricultural Societies established in Upper Canada 1837 

Accession of Queen Victoria, 20th June 183 7 

Canadian insurrection 1837 

Lunatic Asylum established in Upper Canada 1839 

Union of Upper and Lower Canada 1840 







PnmJ^A d^u^? introduced into Up|)er Oanada Ifj4i 

Canada ??. '/'^'" "'^'^"^ ^° ^^P^*^ '»"'* ^«^*''' 
Toronto UnivVr*8uVo*pe*Md.V.*.*.V.; ! ! ! ! ! ', ".*. v* ] " * " * ' iSll 

Snf'-^f^«"' Toronto, established >' .:":' aJ? 

Plr^ ir^ ^'Ji'^'Z ?^ <^»°'^'^* authorised . . ,U1: . . .' f J45 

Tshed*^ System. of Upper' ;ndLo;er"c^;estai; 

St Jo^Dh'«S!ff^^^^ estabUshed. . . ll« 

pJn£ *^*'"*«^'^y'^^°' established .v.,*,,, leS 

li??.''*' '^^n?^"'^^"* ^''ansferred to Canada...,.! ifS 

LatS UnTvl^'^^^ ?°"^'^«J 'f ^"'^tO' establislid v.: llti 

s? m: ?^*T^®^**y» Quebec, chattered ...... . {« J 

St. Michael's OoUege, Toronto, estabUshed . J , HH 

Ucciprocity Treaty with the United States iJJi 

Se'Srff,' ^p'-» "'1i"i-^" -J^buihid-, : : : : a'^ 

Completion of the Victoria Brid'ge, Uoni^'. ;;••'"•" J|*J 
topSnS*"''*^ colinectioi^S'pkl^d froml^;;^^^ ''"" 

Statutes of caBk;i*-;nd uV^Voi^iiid; •ooVs;;!^*;;^:::: lUl 

.. A